“AM Herculis is the prototype for a category of cataclysmic variable stars called polars, or AM Herculis stars. It is located in the constellation Hercules, and was discovered in 1923 by Max Wolf in Heidelberg, Germany and was then listed in the General Catalogue of Variable Stars as an irregular variable which ranged from 12th to 14th magnitude. In 1976, the astronomer S. Tapia discovered that light from the star is both linearly and circularly polarized , showing that there was a strong magnetic field surrounding the system and revealing that the system was more complex than previously thought.” – according to Wikipedia

Assuming that made no more sense to you than it did for me I will also tell you that AM Herculis is the name of my friend Chad Salmela’s new band! AM Herculis recently put out a new album, and I included the first song below in this post, or you can hear a few more tracks on the band’s myspace page. I am glad to see that my friend is still being creative and making new music. Duluth has a thriving local music scene, which occasionally launches some bands, such as Low, out into the greater world. If you ever want to sample the range of music that happens around Duluth plan a trip there to coincide with the annual Homegrown Music Festival,which happens every spring.
AM Herculis

“Our Little Peace” by AM Herculis