Nueva California

Nueva California is a group show featuring work by Michael Decker, Ben Driggs, Grant Ernhart, Thomas Macker, Kean O’ Brien and Esteban Schimpf. Subjects include drum circles, migrant workers, cybersex, bongs, Frank Lloyd Wright, Elogio de la sombra, and lost places in the Central Valley. Come join us for the opening at 2614 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, California, Friday, May 29th at 6 PM. Beer and wine will be served.

Organized by Thomas Macker.

Sponsored by Harold Arts and Take The Handle Magazine.

This should be a pretty fun opening, so if you happen to be in the L.A. area please come by and say hello!

Slideluck Potshow

Tonight some of my photographs will be part of the latest Slideluck Potshow in SF. Slideluck is a great idea centered around art, food and community. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend because I am still in Whistler, British Columbia working with the US Biathlon National Team. If I was in the city I definitely would participate. Here is the list of other artists that you can see tonight at the event:

Adam Lau * Alan George * Andy Freeberg * Alexander Warnow * Ariel Zambelich * Bryan Alberstat * Carmen Winant * Christian Peacock * David Butow * David Paul Morris * Deanne Fitzmaurice * Douglas Adesko * Elinor Carucci * Geoffrey Ellis * Grant Ernhart * Jeff Enlow * Jon Feinstein * Khaled Hasan * Kira Sugarman Shemano * Lara Hata * Lorenzo Triburgo * Matt Reamer * Melissa Barnes * Michael Jang * Robert Herman * Robin Schwartz * Shepard Fairey * Stephen McGee * Todd Hido * Toni Greaves * Victor Blue

If you are able to attend I would really recommend it, should be a good time!