Tonight some of my photographs will be part of the latest Slideluck Potshow in SF. Slideluck is a great idea centered around art, food and community. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend because I am still in Whistler, British Columbia working with the US Biathlon National Team. If I was in the city I definitely would participate. Here is the list of other artists that you can see tonight at the event:

Adam Lau * Alan George * Andy Freeberg * Alexander Warnow * Ariel Zambelich * Bryan Alberstat * Carmen Winant * Christian Peacock * David Butow * David Paul Morris * Deanne Fitzmaurice * Douglas Adesko * Elinor Carucci * Geoffrey Ellis * Grant Ernhart * Jeff Enlow * Jon Feinstein * Khaled Hasan * Kira Sugarman Shemano * Lara Hata * Lorenzo Triburgo * Matt Reamer * Melissa Barnes * Michael Jang * Robert Herman * Robin Schwartz * Shepard Fairey * Stephen McGee * Todd Hido * Toni Greaves * Victor Blue

If you are able to attend I would really recommend it, should be a good time!