It’s all Underglass

I am having a show opening in San Francisco this Thursday from 6:00-9:00! If you are in town please stop by and say hello. If you will not be in town on the opening night don’t worry… the show will be up until the 21st of November. The venue is my good friend Matthias Brandt’s shop Underglass at 268 Church St. in the Castro district of San Fran. He is a great guy and his shop is quite nice. He is looking to put Underglass on the list of places to see great photography here in the city and has other shows in the works after mine so check in with him from time to time to see what is going there. Thanks Matthias!

Darcy Bartoletti


My good friend Darcy Bartoletti will be part of what looks to be an interesting group show in Los Angeles this coming September. The Carl Berg gallery will have the group show “New Wave” on view from September 6 – October 4, 2008. I saw that San Francisco artist Michelle Blade will also be taking part in this show. Not only does she makes some pretty great paintings she has a really amusing and often times inspiring blog called Eternal Summer check it out, see what she did today.

I wish I could see all of Darcy’s work put on display in the gallery. I will be curious to hear how he decides to install them. As I flipped through the files of his new work that he sent me for this post I really felt that it was as if i was looking through his journal. It was not that each drawing was a clear entry by which Darcy chronicled his daily happenings, but there were themes in the collection of drawings that seemed to me as if he was struggling to understand his position to certain things. Through looking at his work I began to think about spirituality, sex, boredom, loneliness and a desire to connect… to understand his place in the greater picture. Maybe that is really what I am trying to get at. In the collection of 40+ drawings that he sent me I really felt a desire to evolve, a desire to understand, while at the same time also acknowledging one’s desires and temptations. It is this struggle to conquer our “demons” and move forward that defines much of the experience of being alive. In his new work Darcy has put a bit of his own experience with the sacred and the profane out there for the rest of us to mull over. He his not preaching by any means, he is just saying he is only human in a very sincere way.