Installation Shots @ MIAD

Here are some installation shots from my show over at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I want to thank MIAD student John Lusis for documenting the show and sending me these pics. You can click on the images for larger and better views.

Peter Doig


Lapeyrouse Wall, 2004

Lapeyrouse Wall, 2004 ©Peter Doig

Lately, I have been stumbling upon some painters that are making work that I find really beautiful, interesting and inspiring. One such person is Peter Doig. For many people his name will not be new, especially since in 2007 his work the White Canoe sold at auction for $11.3 million!

White Canoe, 1991  ©Peter Doig

White Canoe, 1991 ©Peter Doig

In 2008 the Tate held a major retrospective of Doig’s work. On view were works from the beginning of his career at the end of art school all the way up to more recent works from the early and mid-2000s. What attracted me to Doig’s paintings were the way his subjects held together enough for me to understand the scene, but then it is always as if the image were about to shake apart. To me I feel this balance in tension is similar to the way memories exist. Memories for me have never been crystal clear, they generally are dim and a bit out of focus, almost more felt than seen, and to me Doig’s work reaches back and tickles that part of my brain. I also like that his work incorporates the unique geographies of his life. He was born in Edinburgh, then moved to Trinidad with his family as a child, later moving to Canada only to return to London, where he received his art education and now, he lives once again with his own family in Trinidad.

Man Dressed as Bat, 2007  ©Peter Doig

Man Dressed as Bat, 2007 ©Peter Doig

J.M. at Paragon, 2004  ©Peter Doig

J.M. at Paragon, 2004 ©Peter Doig

According to various sources Doig creates many of his scenes from photographs, both his own and found imagery. In a November 2008, article in W magazine, Doig notes that the places he has lived and spent time often are incorporated into his works but generally only after he has moved on. He often depicts scenes from unusual angles, and incorporates strange color combinations and even has been said to bring in a sort of horror film perspective. These tactics all contribute to the heightened moment that Doig’s work exudes, just as our own memories try and hold on to moments of significance as well.

Architects Home in the Ravine, 1991  ©Peter Doig

Architects Home in the Ravine, 1991 ©Peter Doig

Lay Flat

The other day I received my copy of Lay Flat in the mail and was really impressed. I thought that Shane Lavalette had done a great job in creating a beautiful little book of engaging writing and interesting images. It was definitely worth the wait.

I found the diversity of the photographers included in Lay Flat to be one of the strengths of the project. It seems that Shane and Karly Wildenhaus, the co-curator, really allowed themselves to pick images that they found to be strong and compelling, rather than sticking to some arbitrary limitations such as age or geography. The fact that the contributors range from students to established artists and their subjects from crusty dark-room sinks to sublime western landscapes creates a very rich experience in viewing this project. I also must say that I had my doubts about the print quality, when I heard that the book was going to be a collection of postcards, but I will say now that the work and colors look absolutely fabulous. This will be a little book that I will return to both for the images and the accompanying texts. Shane and Karly, thanks a lot, congrats and I hope there will be more to come!

Show at MIAD

On March 23, I will be having a solo show of work from my Gustine project on view in the Perspectives Gallery at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I have put together a show of a little more than 20 photographs that have come from my trips to California’s central valley. Much of the work comes from the town of Gustine and surrounding area and is an ongoing project.

The work will be on view from the 23rd of March until the 10th of April. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it out to Milwaukee for the opening, but we are going to be having a Skype artist talk sometime during the run of the exhibition! I am looking forward to it.