thanks mr. colberg

Want to say “Thanks” to Joerg Colberg for his post of my work on his blog Conscientious! Take a minute and check out his blog, always a great place to see new work.

Thanks again Joerg.

anselm kiefer in the streets

I found this in the street:

found receipt(kiefer)

and it made me think of some landscapes by Anselm Kiefer.

Osiris und Isis - kieferDie sechste posaune - kiefer
melancholia - kiefer

One of the main differences of course being that my street kiefer is the size of a receipt and his actual paintings are monumental. Another difference being that while mine was made by a car tire, he intentionally includes materials like clay, lead, gold leaf, plants and seeds. Still I think Kiefer might smile at the little scrap I found.

I like Kiefer’s work quite a bit. I like how the work feels raw and immediate and the materials, while being simple come together in a way that renders them changed. In his work Kiefer deals with the relationship between heaven and earth often working symbolically. I also enjoy the visceral experience I have when I look at his work.