the halls of justice

Eight Pine Trees; Elk River, MN

Funeral Flowers

My Parent’s Backyard

These images are part of a show that was put on by the Photo Alliance and the San Francisco Arts Commission. The show is hanging in a lower level of the San Francisco City Hall. It is a rather big show with a very diverse group of images. I need to go back and take another look. It will continue to be up until Sept. 21 drop by if you happen to be in San Francisco.

recently returned


This print was recently returned to me from a group show that I was in. The show was at the NewSpace Center for Photography in Portland, Oregon. I actually flew up there for the opening reception and met some other photographers and saw some nice work.

Additionally, I am donating this print to the Root Division’s 6th Annual Art Auction. The Root Division is a great resource for artists here in the bay Area and it was started by some SFAI alumni. The auction should be a good time, I am looking forward to it.

The First Post

The first post is always the hardest. I have had this blog ready to go for some time now thanks to my long time friend and new webmaster, Ben Kremer , but I have been putting off writing this entry. Maybe because I am not entirely sure what form my Blog will take. There are already plenty of people blogging like crazy about the medium, other photographers and good shows. I will probably do a bit of that as well but I think I will also include entries about my own ideas and questions regarding image making, my evolving effort to define my practice as a photographer and some of my writing. I will not promise to blog everyday as I want this to remain loose and fun rather than being another item on my daily to do list. With that said I look forward to seeing what accumulates over time.